Don’t think twice before you help others

Christmas is a time where you spend time with those that are closest to you. It’s a time where you receive and give presents if you can afford it, and it’s a time of relaxation and sharing. That’s not only the case in America, but all around the World. 

Some of my fellow students at The Danish School of Media and Journalism have launched a Christmas calendar called Hjemløs jul where you are presented for a homeless person every day, and get to know how they spend Christmas. 

It’s interesting to read those kind of stories, and it makes you reflect. These stories help me realize just how lucky I’ve been throughout my life, and also how lucky I am to go home and spend Christmas with my own family. 

Plenty of people need help

However, even though homeless people might be an extreme in American society as well there are plenty of kids and families out there, who could use some help

As I’ve mentioned before the gap between rich and poor is bigger every year in America. I’ve made an Infograph that shows some numbers on the subject. 

You might be able to compare your own money situation, when you see the graph. And if you realize – just as I do – that I can find some extra change to spare, then share it with those who don’t have. It could be a teddy bear for some kids, some old clothes or spare change after you’ve bought something in the supermarket. 

Merry Christmas. 


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